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Well- we had a load of you respond to the last poll…and now we are interested in knowing about your thoughts on the Update…Non-Update!

Vote in the new poll to the right!  (We have started limiting votes to 2 per person…As we are going to start using this for more serious polling in the future!

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Please Move Your Seats to the Upright Position…and Pray!

I can’t help but feel that sinking feeling of being stuck on the tarmac. It is a relatively new trend with airlines, clogged with cheap travel deals, shrinking profits, reduced staffs, and under-serviced aircraft. And I have been through a handful of these. Not the kind that gets covered in the news…the ones that last for as much as 12-18 hours. But, I have been on a couple that were 3 hours on the tarmac, and then resulted in being “de-planed” due to mechanical failure.

That is an apt description of where we are in the game right now. We SHOULD be taking off…but due to mechanical failure (can you compare lost towns to lost luggage? Or is it closer to being shoved onto the wrong flight against your will?), we are sitting…and hoping for an update from the cockpit.

Oh wait…I think there is news coming from the flight attendant… is she smiling?

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My Personal WHell…Science, Free Will and Capt. Queeg

The hours of torment, frustration, and disillusionment have come to an end. The Winter update is over…I have lost any semblance of sanity…and I finally have proof as to why it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to win the Snow Monster.

He is dead.
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New Update Coming…You Know the Drill! – UPDATED 5:30 PM PST

Here’s what we know (just to recap).

AT MIDNIGHT – The Episode Update Ended. NO MORE SKANKYFISH or SPARKLEBOARD. If you didn’t buy them…you missed them.

TODAY…WINTER ENDED at around 9:30AM PST (flowers are back…trees are lush…must be a HUGE surprise to the people in the Midwest and East Coast)

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You OWE Me…

Let’s start by making it clear that I am not looking to be sainted (although the new Pope is pretty cool, and may act on this…) and I am not looking to toot my own horn (mostly because brass instruments are the one family I could never wrap my lips around musically), but I DO feel the need to point out a few things.

I also realize that calling attention to one’s actions in an attempt to garner praise is small-minded and self-serving, but again…I find myself unable to sit quietly while others prosper from my actions.
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Guest Post/Discussion: Frozen Gift Cards/EA Support

Restaurant-GUESTCHEFRyan here with something of a guest post, as well as something of a call to the community. Our good friend Anna recently emailed us about the oh-so-frustrating glitch that some members of the community have been reporting: “The Frozen Gift Card Conundrum.”

Essentially some people have ceased earning spin coins for every 1,000 Gift Cards earned. An irritating prospect that essentially limits the player to their daily “Egg Nog Bar” spin and the VERY off-chance they find one in a gift bag/present. All users reporting this were simply referred to EA by Patric and I with good cause…it’s an in-game issue that only EA, and no troubleshooting can fix.

Well Anna got back to us with her story and while it’s interesting in and of itself (and may offer hope to others with the glitch) we also thought it might be an fascinating opportunity to share your experience contacting EA support. We’d like to build a base of knowledge here. It’s yet another opportunity for us to help each other out.

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Once again…WE HAVE BUSTED EA in the chops…and they have listened! Or enough people whined at this rigged mess of chaos…and they realize that they are losing players who just don’t care anymore… or…they were visited by Three Ghosts over New Years…
Whatever the case…the ODDS have changed!
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All right…that was a bit of the smarmy marketing guy in me coming out to play. Of course there is an update coming. There is ALWAYS an update coming. The only real question is “when?”

That question has become far more difficult to answer in recent weeks, as EA has made it far more difficult to peer into the future of their game files, and have even, most likely started “Messing With” those who like to prod, poke and shake gift boxes before they are meant to be touched.

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The Simpsonian Institute Origin Stories: Wrapping Things Up

No not presents…those are still magically appearing next to a metal Christmas tree for the better part of a week. Today I’m here to round out the Simpsons origins of the remaining Holiday Update Content.

All that remains are some personal and community prizes, as well as a quest line building and one of the more annoying to get wheel prizes. So essentially all of this stuff is free, it’s not going to influence your purchase of it, but it may help you feel better about having/not having them in your town.

It may not, I make no promises.

We will, however, cover the Krusty (aka “Christmas”) Totem, The Egg Nog Bar, Helter Shelter, The Springfield Skating Rink and the Springfield Mall. It’s quite the random smattering of stuff, strewn across episodes and even seasons of the show. Let’s get to it.

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The Simpsonian Institute Origin Stories: Candy Kevin, Costingtons & The Grumple


Ryan here for yet another round of fantastic “where the heck did that thing come from?” AKA relating Tapped Out to its wonderful mother, The Simpsons. Once again (as frequently happens with holiday updates) a single episode emerges that can shed some light on a number of items new to our game.

Today we’ll cover The Grumple, Costington’s as well as Mr. Costington, and the elusive Candy Kevin.

So we deal with the most negative (Grumply and Blustery) characters in the update, as well as the weirdest. Really they’re all a little creepy. Maybe some context will help…

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