The Real Story of Carl’s Dad (and Mom) The Conclusion


As a couple of you have pointed out, a great many of us have completely finished the Wild West update with loads of time to spare.  Sure…there are still a couple of daily prizes…and 3 free bonuts still to collect, but for the most part, any further tapping of bandits, or prospectors, or starting of raves is pretty much a futile, waste of time.

So…yes, that said…I had some time on my hands to tell the REAL STORY of Carl’s Dad (and Mom).  Readership has been solid…with several of you sending personal emails that you are enjoying it. But, all good tales (and updates) must come to end. And it IS a three day weekend…so let’s get this wrapped up!

You can see the previous chapters here:
Chapter One,
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

And now…

It took two full days for Lenny to find his friend. And when he did, he had doubts as to whether he wished he had. Carl was curled in a fetal position, rocking against a tree trunk, tears and snot encrusted on his face, murmuring the same phrase over and over again, “Mom…you let them take Mom…how could you?”

“Huh? What are you saying, Buddy?” Lenny said from a distance, not risking getting too close to someone who had clearly lost their mind. “How’s about you and I hit Moe’s, and have a few Duffs?”

There was no reply from his friend.

“Uh…OK then…maybe I’ll just go and get someone to help me bring you back,” and with that, Lenny turned and ran wildly back toward the Buddhist Temple in the distance, his arms flailing to keep up with his legs.

Carl continued to rock, and cry inconsolably. But his sobs were cut short, when he heard a familiar voice come from behind him…
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The Real Story of Carl’s Dad (and Mom) Chapter III


Holyfreakinshirt! The plot is getting juicy!

Click Here if you missed Chapter One   or    Chapter Two

Chapter III

As the man walked slowly away from Moesson’s Tavern, the darkness enveloped him as the neon sign above the entrance flickered out. But, the physical darkness wasn’t nearly as deep as the emotional darkness that draped his soul. His despair, along with the trepidation of what was in store for he and the child, made him quiver with fear.

He felt the hand of the child on his face, and a strange sense of comfort and resolve wash over him as he looked down into the wide-awake, smiling face cradled in his arms. “I know I made the right decision…I made it for him…I had no choice…I’m Carl’s Dad!” he exclaimed out loud, as he stood upright.

“Yes…yes…you are Carl’s Dad. Big whoop,” he heard a voice from the darkness say. “Now let’s get the the little family back to the cave, so we can get the Helffkrampt out of this place!”
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The Real Story of Carl’s Dad (and Mom) – Chapter II


I continue to be entertained by the mini-walkthrough that comes when you win Carl’s Dad Caverns. And there are some story clues in the dialogue. But, the rest of the story does need to be told.

If you missed Part One- Click Here…

Chapter II

“Kang, did the earth creature get into the stash?” one of the hideous green creatures burbled to the other.  “He seems to be off his nut a bit.”

“No, I don’t think so. His puny mind is just having a hard time grasping the situation,” the other replied.

The man soon to be known as Carl’s Dad stood rooted in place, the infant Carl in his arms. He stared at the beauty and tranquility of the smile on the woman across from him, as she turned to address the creatures.

“I need my time with him,” she said to them in a half whisper. “Alone time. Please leave us to our ways.”

“Very well,” the creature called Kang replied. “Goodness knows, nobody wants to see that! Kodos, let us go tend to watering. Our babies need watering.”

The man hardly noticed the movement of the creatures or the stirring of the baby in his arms, as his gaze was now locked to that of the mother of this child. She was now smiling in a way that exuded peacefulness, confidence and a trace of wanton lust.

He felt his legs wobble…and then, and once again, felt himself move toward her, seemingly without the will to refuse.

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The Real Story Behind Carl’s Dad (and Mom)


I won Carl’s Dad Caverns last night. Pretty fun…but, they don’t tell the WHOLE story about Carl and his Dad (and Mom).  It’s time that people heard the full story. It really makes Carl someone who deserves our compassion and understanding, as well as a little help to find his Dad.

Carl sat motionless in one of the back corners of the Buddhist temple. Knees crossed, hands poised gently above his knees, his back rigid with head bowed. He was the picture of calm and contentment. But in his mind, images…graphic images…flickered over the movie screen in his cerebral cortex. And no matter how much he tried to push them away, he could feel his heartbeat quicken, his face flush, and little beads of perspiration beginning to form on his forehead.

As the ringing in his ears began to increase, and his vision began to glow with a white-hot anger that tinged colors into a yellow haze, he thought to himself, “Why, after all of this time, did all of this have to be dredged up again? Couldn’t they just leave well enough alone?  They got their gold…isn’t that enough?”

“Carl…hey…Carl buddy…” Lenny said quietly, as he nudged his friend. “You’re talking out loud. We can hear you. What gold? Leave what alone?”

Carl’s eyes suddenly widened, staring at Lenny. Pivoting his head with a hard left-to-right jerk, then realizing that everyone in the room was staring at him, he bolted to his feet, and ran through the doors, down the hallway, and out into the meditation woods. He didn’t stop running until he reached the middle of the woods, where he stopped, and dropped to his knees, screaming “Why Dad? WHY???” his words echoing out through the lush, flowered forest.

It took two full days for Lenny to find his friend. And when he did, he had doubts as to whether he wished he had. Carl was curled in a fetal position, rocking against a tree trunk, tears and snot encrusted on his face, murmuring the same phrase over and over again, “Mom…you let them take Mom…how could you?”

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New Freemium Wild West Store Items…Rock On!


There are some additional Wild West items in the store today, and one of them is actually kinda fun (if you are fan of rocks).

It does bring up some serious questions, however.  Mostly revolving around the primary question…
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Lessons For Life from Wiggum, Apu, Sea Captain, CBG and more!


So…I get it. This is a SIMPSONS TSTO blog, and most of you (at least 99.9% of you) ignore, or get tired of my proselytizing to “Do Something That Matters.”  It is annoying when someone keeps trying to get you to improve your life, by actually doing something other than tapping.

But, I am not alone.

In fact, one of the key character voice actors for the very game we are playing, recently gave  a hilarious commencement address at Tufts University (a hoity toity private university befitting of giving an honorary degree to someone who like me, didn’t finish college but still went on to success…he being FAR more successful).

Ya gotta love Hank Azaria. Especially if you are a fan of The Simpsons. He is responsible for about 1/2 of the best characters on the show…and a TON of them showed up for the commencement address.

Here is the Video… Continue reading

Counting Down to Getting What You Want

I am relatively surprised by the fact that with a full week to go, I am pretty much done with the update.  Sure. There are some designated “Speed Bumps” designed into this…including the Daily Prizes, and a fairly large chunk of uninterrupted tapping needed to get the final, final, prize, Carl’s Dad Caverns.

But, just as the weekend started, I got the Skinner’s Longshot skin, the Buried Gold…and 400 hats.  I admit to really liking Skinner on horseback. He finally gets to look like the Vietnam Vet he is…at least in spirit.

The rest of the daily prizes are pretty much Cowtown Clutter…and then three free Bonuts.

I completed as much as I care to complete in Level 60. The single donut per level just doesn’t float my boat enough to spend my time (life currency) on something so frivolous.

So…what am I going to do with all of my free time???? And what’s the key to ultimate satisfaction and contentment?

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Level 60 Complete Cheat Guide with Walkthrough


I know this is confusing. It is meant to be. As I said in the last post, EA is Screwing with Us…making this more convoluted than it needs to be.  But, once they get all of the bugs/glitches/SNAFUs worked out, it is relatively straightforward.  And…yes…it DOES appear to be the actual last REAL level update, as the other 879 are just XP bumps, for a donut. One. Not two. Not Three. One. Whoop. Pee.

And there are some twists in this one… Particularly as it pertains to both the Googolplex and Duff Gardens. There is a ton of after-update-rewarding and connectivity going on, and it actually makes the purchase of Duff Gardens worth it. Kinda. Especially if you are using Free Bonuts won in other aspects of the game.

Let’s take a look.

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…Turn and Face the Change


Nobody likes change. People tell us that change is always good for you, that it forces you to look at your life through a new set of peepers, or walk in another person’s shoes. But, I contend that sometimes, new glasses don’t improve your vision, and that you sure as heck don’t know where that other person was walking, before you tried on those new shoes…and if they will even fit.  But I digress…

The fact is…TSTO is changing. A lot. And in typical EA fashion, it’s as though someone said, “hey, let’s play a board game,” and then the entire closet full of old games fell on your head when you opened the door. There are pieces everywhere…it’s a mess. But you wanna play, so you just dive in.

There are a couple of overarching questions to be asked at this juncture. And they both revolve around the future health (or existence) of TSTO. As in…are they killing TSTO?  Are they killing Krustyland?  And most important…
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Act III Strategies to “Doing It All”- During a SNAFU Storm


Well…already, just a few ticks into the Act III Update, we are seeing “Conflicts aPlenty” in regards to the best way to play the game to get your best ROT (Return On Tapping).

It is further complicated, if you are still wanting to keep moving forward on Monorail Track collection, or bought “Frontier Maggie,” or the Googolplex, or Duffland as I do/did.

And now…we have the Grandmuther of all SNAFUs in the form of the Level 60 Update mess.

How do we navigate this entire mess??

There is some logic here…rEAlly, no matter what EA throws at us. And it just comes down to using common sense, and a bit of planning.

Let’s take a look…
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HUGE BUG in Level 60– Stop Rushing!!!!!!!!!


I am going to pass along a DIRE WARNING that is currently posted on Addicts and Topix…

STOP RUSHING THE LEVEL UPS to get “free donuts!”

This is serious enough, that I am just going to REPOST what Alissa wrote on Addicts.  This one Trumps any competitive nature… it is a real, deal, threat to blowing up your game!

I know it’s tempting to level up super fast and earn a ton of donuts…but STOP!!

From Alissa at TSTOAddicts:
There’s a MAJOR bug with the game right now.  A lot of you are commenting that you’ve leveled up to Level 300+ and you’re now locked out of your game.

So…if you care about being able to play your game…for the love of God STOP LEVELING UP!!!

EA can fix this, but it requires rolling your game ALL the way back.  Imaging losing ALL of your progress?  Is it worth it?

Just wait.  Be patient with leveling up.  You’ll get the donuts…so just relax.  Go one at a time and just play TSTO.  Don’t rush to get to the top…because your game will just get stuck and you’ll be left with nothing.



This is a mess… good old EA, with their crappy bug checking. EALP…at its worst.

For once in your life… SLOW DOWN.

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The LAST LEVEL UPATE??? Holyfreakinshirt!!!


Uhm… Let me say this again… HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!!!!!!!!!!

Either they are “jumping the shark” or killing the cash cow. But either way, there are BIG CHANGES COMING for TSTO.

We just got a “LAST LEVEL UPDATE EVER” message…

What does it mean????? And Whathefreakinhell is Gil Trying to Sell Us Now????
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Wild West Act III Complete Cheat Guide With Calendar


I have to admit it. I am REALLY enjoying this update. No. Really…there is no tongue planted firmly in my cheek when I say this. My tongue is actually wagging casually about my open-lipped smile as I write that I am rEAlly enjoying this update. Go ahead…try to get that picture out of your head.

This update has been a perfect mixture of fun tasks (just enough), balanced tapping (forcing us to take our time, but allowing us to get everything pretty EAsily), and some clever, fun, interesting items and characters that I am actually having fun placing into my my Springfield.

And, the fun isn’t over yet…Act III is HERE, and it looks like the most rootin’ tootin’ shootin’-est Act of the whole shebang!

Spoilers Follow- As always…If you don’t want to know, don’t click below.

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Final Hours of Act II…And Progress On What Really Matters!


Ah. It was one of those weekends when being a grandpa really pays off. We had a double whammy this weekend, with a birthday party for our now-5-year-old granddaughter, followed by a double Christening for her and her 3-year-old brother (also known as grandson #3), the next day. Kids party, family gatherings, and introduction to a really fun, open minded church, were all made possible by the fact that I barely had to tap, or care about tapping…because I was in complete TSTO “Coast-Mode.”

Monorail weekly challenges to collect 5 Free Bonuts? Check.
Completed tasks?  Check.
Acquire, place and laugh at Princess and the Stables? Check.
Acquire my Free donuts, and bonus donuts? Check.
Finish another round of “Find Maggie for even more free Bonuts?” Check.
Finish the last of 10 daily prizes for even more Bonuts? Check.

All good.

So what is a guy to do while waiting for Act III to start at 1A PDT (Patric Daylight Time)?   Continue reading

Time to Start Hoarding…


That’s right…while I am on the message to actually “Do Something That Matters” and prodding you to give to our work in Uganda, when it comes to TSTO and the Wild West Update, I’m telling you to Start HOARDING.

Let me be clear. TSTO is a game. Our Mission in Uganda is real…with real-life consequences if we fail.  TSTO…not so much. It just resets. But, we ALL like to win…right? We all like to get ahead of the “system.”

So, here is what I mean by hoarding…

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Counting Down…Just a Few Days Left!!


EA has figured out something about the “Tap-O-Sphere.”  Nothing motivates Tappers like putting a limited time, calendar on something to make people pay attention.

It probably goes back to the “Three Days Only” mentality of car dealership ads, or the “limited time offer” on coupons.  It’s all kinda “ho-hum” as we have all learned that most of the time, this offer is going to be followed by yet another offer, on the same stuff.  Just ask Gil.

But…we REALLY ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME…on a couple of things.

EA also seems to realize that people get excited about competitions…about going finger to finger with others, in an effort to “win” something…or at least prove that you are the best at something. This is even more fun when you are on a team.

Unless you are getting your butts handed to you…AND YOU ARE!!!

Let me explain…
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When Goals Seem Impossible…Keep On Tapping


I have to admit it. I’m old. And sometimes my frustration with the “human condition” gets me down. When I am feeling drained, or like Sisyphus, strapping on the backpack full of boulders, to start yet another journey up the hill…I start doubting if I have lost my mind. And if maybe, just unstrapping the pack, and sitting by a nice, cold, babbling brook wouldn’t be a better way to spend my time.

But then I realize, this isn’t some goofy dating site…where all of our problems are solved by “walks on the beach,” or “quiet time by a fire” (Seriously? That’s the whole key to happiness and contentment??). No. This is real life. Where, the only way you complete something worth doing, is by JUST DOING. Action. And never giving up.

Yes. We are at that point in Act II, when it feels like we are in a constant vortex of repetition…doing the same actions (with minor modification to whatever Update Currency we need), only to look at the counter and realize that we are still a full week from the end. I already have “The Kid with No Name” but, I am still close to 8,000 badges away from the corral and Princess. Even if I am ahead of the calendar… it feels overwhelming. And then, there is another whole act!! Holyfreakinshirt!!  

What to do? What to do???
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Whacking Day Returns…For About a Minute


You might call it, “Jumping the Snake.”  Kinda like the old Hollywood adage, “jumping the shark.”  For those of you who don’t remember the origin of this little gem, it comes from the episode in the classic TV show, “Happy Days” when Fonzie, while water skiing, literally has to jump over a shark to survive.  It was considered the point in the much-vaunted series, when critics and fans knew that the writers and creators had pretty much shot their wad, and the show went into steep decline. Here is the WIKI explanation. 

What the article, and the phrase for that matter, don’t reveal, is that this happened in the FIFTH season of Happy Days…and they went on to make another SIX seasons. But, you get the idea. It was never the same.

Many would argue that the Simpsons, as a TV series, “jumped the Shark” years ago. Some would argue, more than 15 seasons ago. Let’s not forget the whole “Homer and Marge getting divorced” bit last season. Pathetic.

TSTO seems to ebb and flow, with bits of surprises here and there…and now, it seems, that they are “Jumping the Snake” by bringing back Whacking Day…

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Happy Mother’s Day!


There really isn’t much to say… Just do something nice for your Mom. Simple. 

Relationships with Mom’s can be complex. There are times when being a Mom feels like a thankless, never-ending job. This is the one day of the year when you can really do something to let her know that you know that she has earned the right to feel that way.

The reason I love Marge Simpson…is because she reminds me of my own wife…she stays with me, even when I deserve far less. Me and Homer…we are lucky that way.

It goes the same way with the kids. She loves them all unconditionally… that’s the way Mom’s are.

So…do something nice. OK?

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms out there! Your job is the most important in the world.

Ultimate Wild West SHOULDJA? Premium Buying Guide

With every major update, comes a major swarm of Premium items to choose from.  It used to be EAsy for me to simply say, “Pass” on almost everything, as it was rarely worth the donuts for these kinds of specific updates, with very specific “flavors.”  I mean…who would put a Premium Casino in Springfield Heights with all of the rich people? Oh. Well. Bad example.

But with the Wild West update, there are a couple of offerings that have my attention…especially since I am playing with “House Bonuts.

Let’s take a look…
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Wild West Act II- Complete Cheat Guide with Calendar and Walkthrough-UPDATED


Once again, before we start this thing…another tip of the hat, special thanks, to our good friend, Gio (LetsPlayNintendoIta) who works hard to put everything we need to know up on the WIKI. Without him…I’d actually have to work harder at figuring this stuff out. As it is…Boom! It’s right there…(Here).

As I mentioned in the previous post, just like the Burns Casino update, we are mostly just losing one type of currency (Clues), while getting two new ones (Guns and Badges)…while continuing with Pickaxes and Hats. These are now all in play to earn prizes from the Prize Track, as well as Daily Prizes from the Store…with the added wrinkle that Snake will come into the picture (with yet another jail) to add to the options you have in “starting a Craze.”

The Walkthrough Tasks are minimal. The Prizes are Fun. And again, there is absolutely no reason to buy one of the Premium Items to “help you win faster” as getting all of the prizes should be a snap.

Let’s take a look…

As always…SPOILERS FOLLOW… If you don’t want to know…don’t click below!

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Item Limits Back…Daily Limits In Place..ERGH!!!


You call this FREEDOM????  WhatTheFreakinHell EA??  People endured untold miseries over months of travel to get to the Wild West, because they would have the FREEDOM to build, and expand, and do as they pleased, when they pleased, for as much as they pleased!

And now…right in the middle of the Wild West update, you are LIMITING our creativity and ability to progress??? Holyfreakinshirt!!

Yes. Today, I got the dreaded, “Congratulations! You’ve built the maximum number of buildings and decorations that the game can currently handle…” message.


That was just after I got a couple of other surprises from EA that not only limit my Freedom to decorate, but my Freedom to Earn! The list of things in this update that are making me Cranky are growing…
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Super Bad Guy Bonus…Mongo?


A new, and interestingly fun Bonus Bad Guy, has shown up in Act II. It’s called a SUPER BAD GUY in the game…but I’m calling him Mongo.

You Need to Get PAST the first couple of tasks:

A Fistful of Bothers Pt. 2
After tapping on Homer’s exclamation mark:
Task: Build Springfield Penitentiary
Task: Make Snake Promote Lawlessness (4h, Town Plaza)
Task: Make Springfielders Abuse Lawlessness [x3] (4h, Town Plaza)
If the user has Wiggum: Task: Make Wiggum Lock Himself in Jail (2h, Town Plaza)

But then he shows up…

The Reviled Bunch
After tapping on Snake’s exclamation mark:
Task: Capture a Most Wanted Bandit


Why do I call him Mongo?? Take a look… Continue reading

Wild West Act II- Counting Down With Common Sense


Several of you have asked the question, “What do I do after I get the Rib Hut and Wes Doobner? Do I keep collecting Hats and Pickaxes?”

Others have asked, “What do I do with my Pickaxes and Hats?”

Still others have asked, “Are there going to be Pickaxes and Hats in Act II?”

So yes. There seem to be a lot of questions about Pickaxes and Hats.

There are some pretty basic answers…as well as the answer to, “Did EA actually make us turn in TEN TRADES at the General Store to get Free Donuts?” if you just use some common sense, and a bit of Gio-Graphic Common Sense…
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Free Bonuts or Bust?


First, yes…I saw the term “Bonuts” on Addicts. Sometimes, a word is so perfect, you have to co opt it for your own use.  EALP, Padular Device, and Holyfreakinshirt are mine…Bonuts (Bonus Donuts) belong to Addicts(or one of their followers). But, I like it. So, just like loads of rappers and hip hop artists, who have sampled bits and pieces of other artist’s (mostly James Brown’s) songs to create “new art,” I will “sample” the term “Bonut.”

In the “big mystery” surrounding the Bonuts it is implied, that once we tapped out on Act I, we were in “bonus land,” (as has been the case with countless other updates before this) and would earn Bonuts for every 1.500 clues earned. Well…forget it.

Sometimes, what you think you see, isn’t what you get.
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Gil Deal…Do You Need the Bandit Fort?


Gil is back. And as per usual, his “deal” is less than a real deal…

If I were to use traditional cowboy matinee movie lingo to tell it like it is, I’d say, “I don’ need no steekin’ fort!!” (which of course would and should offend anyone of Mexican heritage). I admit to falling prey to this line occasionally.  Just last week, I got a birdie with a chip-in from about 30 feet off of the green, and exclaimed, “I don’ need no steekin’ greens!” Nobody in my foursome laughed. It was good for a “skin” and a dollar. We are very competitive when it comes to giving up skins.

But, in the case of TSTO…this is just another lure, to hope that think we “need” it, to stay ahead of the count of bandits collected for our calendar.

We don’t.

But if you are collecting the Daily Prizes, today you got the “Bloodbath Gulch” sign…which opened up the first “Story Finale” mini-movie…which was sadly unsatisfying.

But, let’s take a look anyway…
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Wild West…and Beyond


I come from a family with a long, long lineage of pioneer activity here in the West. My great, great, great, grandfather was one of the original signers of the Oregon constitution, after settling along the Abiqua river, in what was to become Silverton Oregon.  You can find a short article written by my Mom for the Silverton newspaper, in 2010, Here. 

Back in Richard Miller’s day, his “world” was significantly larger than the “world” of much of his fellow Americans.  When you travel across more than 2,500 miles of wilderness on horseback, your view of the world is different than those who sit safely in the comfort of their homes, looking at maps and picture books.

The “Wild West” of my G3 (great, great, great) grandfather was indeed wild. Traveling to see “your friends” could take days, if your friends, like my G3’s were the Applegates (of Applegate trail fame) who lived 200 miles south, or even a “short jaunt” of just 45 miles to Oregon City, to see John McLoughlin in his waning years.

Every journey was protracted…communication taking weeks. And as the reunions of the founding pioneers in later years witnessed, even after just a decade or two, the world had changed immensely…

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Wild West…Un-Neighborly? Or Give to Get?


Over the course of the past year, there has been a clear and persistent decline in the use/need of neighbors/friends in TSTO.  There hasn’t been an FP (Friends Point) prize for months, and for the fourth major update in a row, we have seen the number of neighbor visit rewards for event currency, reduced exponentially.

With this update, it seems that the “quid-pro-quo” (give something to get something) has been magnified even more, by reducing the number of “instant rewards” while keeping the number of “rewards of faith” unrestricted.

What am I talking about?  Well…let’s take a look at the numbers, and then extrapolate the reason behind it. Mostly.
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The Future is Full of Cowboy Stuff…


I’m going to make this short and sweet…as I am on the road, and writing this between bites of a breakfast muffin and egg (not an egg McMuffin!).

This update, no matter what anyone (including Jimmy) says, is about cowboys. There is a LOAD of stuff coming our way in Act II and Act III that would make a very good case for SAVE YER’ DONUTS!

I will…absolutely…have Maggie in her Frontier skin. Maybe she’ll even shoot Burns! That is a HUGE gun!

Rather than pull a bunch of info to repost here, from the hard work that Gio did, I am just going to post this link:


Have fun. See you later, when we get to a hotel with wifi!


Big Hat…No Cattle…What’s Up with That?


Or should I say, LACK of Hats, Too Many Pickaxes and no cows?

It seems that almost every update, there is a place where the “dickish” side of EA emerges, to mix with the EALP (EA Lazyass Programmers) syndrom, to have an element that is just plain annoying.

Welcome to the Act I dilemma (at least for me), Not Enough Hats.

Maybe you are not experiencing the same thing…but for me, the ratio of rewards earned from tapping Bandits, is about 3/1 or more, tilted toward Pickaxes. It’s a REAL Pain in the Axe!! (PITA)

Then today…to make things worse…
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Wild West Walkthrough and Strategy Guide


What is very clear with this update, is that EA is heck-bent on making sure that we take our ding-dang-tootin’-time with this one.  They have put several small fences in the way of just powering through…and for the first time since the Monorail, it isn’t really about what you THINK it is about.

Let’s break this thing out, and come up with a strategy…shall we?

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Wild West Update Basics With Act I Calendar


First of all…let’s start with something that should be obvious to any of you who pay attention. I live in the West.  It is Wild. And so, I deem myself the only real expert on matters of this update, as all of the other key bloggers live in New Jersey or Italy. Well… Joe lives in L.A., but that isn’t the REAL Wild West…it’s just where they make movies about the West.

Here in Oregon, we still have real life cowboys and native Americans (you can’t call them Indians anymore…for good reason), and also have loads and loads of Gold Mining towns (most of them ghost towns) to prove our point. So…there you have it!

And, I even live in the West Hills of Eugene, which was founded by Eugene Skinner, a real pioneer, and the model for the Springfield statue in the Simpsons. So…again…I guess we have put the “expert” question to bed.

With that said, I have to say, I am already a little put off by the fact that you apparently don’t get to shoot anyone, but instead use some sort of invisible lasso to stun them into submission…except for the rogue miners, who you have to beat repeatedly (with your tapping finger) to finally get them to stop running and hiding. Everyone who is anyone in the West has a gun. Some have lots.

I don’t own a gun, so I am happy we aren’t shooting people (yet). But there are Three Acts to this puppy…and we may be shooting people before we are done.

Meanwhile…I was just kidding about the “expert” part. I have only ridden a horse and handful of times, and bought my first cowboy hat last year. Oh well. It sounded good. 

Let’s take a look at how this update works- including some of the puzzling SNAFUs that have already cropped up (good ol’ EA).

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Wild West Update…Looking Wild and Fun!


This starts right off the bat with a little “Golden” fun…

Things start off quickly with LISA having a couple of quick tasks…we are tasked with building the Old Springfield Town Square…alerting townspeople that there is GOLD (maybe) in Old Springfield…then Springfielder’s get Riled Up…Homer starts looking…and Lisa does research. All in 6 second bursts…

OH…and they have “thinned things out” on the task bar…allowing some of the really old stuff you don’t really want to deal with daily, to hide in a box.


There are also “Character Prompts” that show up when a character is done or in the middle of a task. Nice.

But…back to the story!

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Wild West Is HERE! WhoopieTieYiYay!

NEWSFLASH-GENERICOK. I did it! I coaxed the bastids into doing the update before I had to leave for the meeting! WHOOHOO!!

It is going to last for a while…(the West wasn’t won in a day…right?).

In fact, it may take until May 31st to win it!

More in a bit…once I can get the update to upload (damn EA servers!!)

CHECK YOUR APP STORE! It is populating (slowly) across the network.

Looking Back to Look Forward…The End or a New Beginning?


After years…and that is not exaggerated…of tapping, we have come to recognize patterns in the game that create a “New Normal.” The style in which the Major Updates have unfolded in the past year (Chapters, Rewards, Crafting) has actually turned out to be a way to keep the game interesting, and much more difficult to rush with donuts.  That’s cool. No complaints.

However, as everyone has started pointing out, it would appear that the traditional “Level Updates” are getting fewer and fewer (as in non-existent), with huge delays between their release.

If you take a look at the past year of updates (something that takes time to sort out, but is worth your time), you start to see a very clear pattern that points to an even more clear conclusion…

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Vegas, Burns, Taxes, Fun…Pulling Back the Throttle and Heading a New Direction


WhooHoo!! This morning, I finally reached the goals that I had set for this update!  By really concentrating on hoarding my tokens, so I could binge-pull the slots, and play cards to my heart’s content (mostly playing “M” and “W” patterns to keep it fresh), I rolled past “Reclusive Burns,”  and when I placed him, was also awarded the top level of the massive “Player’s Club!”  Largest Possible Elevation and Expansion Erected!! And I didn’t even have to think about it…it just happened.

Then…I started looking at what I had built. “This glittering corner of my Springfield, dedicated to excess, flash, and distraction” by my own making. And it started to hit me. I had let this game once again, take me away from things that really matter.

In a fit of panic, I began reducing my digital footprint, striving to find the balance between “More!!!!” and “Enough!!”
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The Real Spruce Goose, Howard Hughes, and Lowered Expectations

I got the Spruce Moose this morning. I have to admit, I’m not as disappointed as I was led to believe I would be. It’s not THAT small! In fact…it is as large as the Space Shuttle…and that’s pretty good sized.

In real life…the Spruce Goose would actually dwarf the Space Shuttle, and in fact, is larger than the 747 carrying the space shuttle in this picture. While the 747 is longer (218 feet/66.6 meters to the 747’s 250 feet/76.4 meters) the Hughes Hercules H-4 (the actual name of the Spruce Goose) has a huge advantage in wing size (319.8 feet/97.5 meters to the 747s “paltry” 224 feet/68.5 meters).


So…how big would the Spruce Moose have to be if it were of comparable size to the real Spruce Goose in our game? How much space could it take up in our town? Continue reading

Lucius…The King of the “American Dream!”


I got Lucius Sweet yesterday…and almost immediately started laughing.

His first few lines took me back to an era when boxing was huge…and his hair style…if you can call it style, was even bigger!


It’s one thing to talk about the “origin” of Lucius in the Simpsons. But, what you really have to do to understand why he belongs in this glitzy, over-the-top homage to excess of an update, is take a look at who the REAL Lucius was.

Let’s see what the WIKI says…
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When Is Enough, Enough?


I know you’ve heard it a million times before…but the key word to contentment, is MODERATION. It isn’t only in just knowing what you need as opposed to what you think you want, but also in realizing that balance in your life, brings you more happiness than “having it all.”

This works in life- and at this stage of the game, it works in TSTO as well.

MODERATION-tasksWe are currently faced with some crucial decisions that are going to make the management of our tapping time fun and fulfilling, or downright soul-sucking.

If you step back and take a look at all of the options we have on our task books…some of them stretching back months…we may find ourselves needing a spreadsheet to manage it all. There are Springfield Heights tasks…the Giant Redwood…Casino Tasks…Burns MoneyPit tasks…and even a couple of the random “take you off your game” busy tasks, to say nothing of the ever-present “Find Maggie” and Monorail Challenges…along with the DAILY Tasks.

It’s OK…to just sit there, with a confused look on your face, your breath becoming shallow and your vision starting to blur. That’s what being overwhelmed can do to you.

But…I want you to take a deep breath…and follow along. I’m here to help you chillax!
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Growing Up…Better Late Than Never


Something happened yesterday that shook me to my core. I have to admit, that when something like this happens, it makes me take a hard look at most of my other beliefs. And when I do that, it makes me realize that over the years, it is far too easy to become lazy and complacent in readjusting your views.

It’s true that in that same time period, some views become even more hardened, and shift from being “just a feeling” to becoming “laws of life.”  Things like, “I am never going to run out of time to do the things I want,” become “I’d better start DOING those things NOW, because there is no way to know how much time I have left.”

Things like, “If we can only get my candidate elected, everything will change in the world,” morphs over time into, “It really doesn’t matter who we elect, until we make fundamental changes in the process…and that won’t happen…so I have to vote my conscience, without expectations for true change.”  There is something freeing in that approach.

But, the most important thing that happens over time, is that you stop trusting others to make the changes that you want to see in the world. And when you do, you are almost always surprised by how many people join you in your efforts…because they feel the same sense of desperation, futility, and hopelessness in the political process as you do.  People from disparate regions, backgrounds, and beliefs…joining to do something that gives them solace and a sense of accomplishment in their lives.

But even get surprised.
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Growing Trees or Feeding Black Holes…It’s Your Choice In Life


I know. We just got the “Giant Redwood” update last week. But I am already bored with it, and am realizing that this is just another huge, excessive, time dump, when I have better things to do.  Like saving the world, by throwing pigeons into a black hole.

Ok. I know what you are saying right now. “Oh. Man. He’s finally lost it.” But, hear me out. Whether your pigeons are figurative, metaphoric, or literal (let’s hope they are not real), the fact is, most of us find ways to do things that we believe to be necessary, to keep order in our lives, and perhaps the lives of those around us.

We may be so convinced, that we share these rituals with someone close, in order to have both an ally in our efforts, as well as someone to help talk us off of the ledge when we go too far.

But how far is too far, when it comes to saving the world…or at least our little corners of Springfield? Continue reading

What We Do For Love…


My wife is “going through a new face in her life.”  Or to be more specific, I am.

Being together for almost 36 years, and remaining happy with one another for the most part, while remaining committed to the idea of “being in love,” is an intricate dance of compromise and give and take.

She knows that I am going to chew ice occasionally,  even though it drives her nuts. I’m trying to stop. It’s not good for my teeth. Everyone tells me so. But, I admit to liking the crushed ice (our refrigerator makes cubes and crushed ice),  combined with the last mixed vestiges of whatever drink I was drinking, almost more than the actual drink.

I have taken to drinking loads of water, Crystal Lite ice tea, and the occasional Diet Pepsi.  I’m also trying to give up the Diet Pepsi, after seeing untold videos about what it does to your insides. And yes…I know that the Crystal Lite uses an artificial sweetener that has given rats cancer. But, I am not a rat, and one large glass of ice tea after dinner, isn’t going to grow a tail. But I digress…

The point is…I do things that annoy my wife, but she puts up with them. Mostly.

I will chew the ice…she will give me the “death stare” and I will apologize, and try to chew more quietly. I get it. She is a 4th/5th grade school teacher. Her days are filled with chaos and insanity. When she gets home, she doesn’t like random noises. like drumming fingers, or chewing ice, or whistling. She HATES whistling. It is something I have given up altogether. I was a good whistler…not one of those random whistle guys. But, she hates it. Really, really, really, hates it. So I quit. Cold blowy.

However, after 36 years of being together, if you want to keep things romantic and fresh, you have to do more than just stop whistling, and apologizing for not chewing ice. Sometimes you have to do something that is so completely unusually out of character, that it gives rise to divide and debate amongst friends and family.

This is one of those cases.
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Lessons in Hubris and Entitlement


Wow. What a Super Super Bowl!

In our OWN game, TSTO, the whole bit with Gil was admittedly pretty lame, and easy to ignore. I did.

But, man…for someone who played defense in football all through High School and College…THAT FOOTBALL GAME was a lesson in the old adage, “Offense wins games…Defense wins championships!”

But more to the REAL lesson of watching “DubMaster Cammy” get drubbed…was the danger in not realizing that in the end, bragging, overbearing confidence, and classless bravado are entertaining, but you have to be able to back it up…and few can.

But, this was also a strangely satisfying day for companies to use this HUGE audience to send some other messages that mattered…

Yes…the very strange “PuppyMonkeyBaby” ad for the ridiculously unhealthy concoction that is “KickStart.” a highly caffeinated, sugar/caffeine ladened “energy drink,” went too far. And the always hilarious Doritos ads, this time with an expectent mother to be and an  ultrasound, made mothers wince through tears of laughter.

But the winners for me… were two ads from an unlikely source.  Continue reading

When All Else Fails In TSTO…LISTEN


My wife thought I had lost my mind. OK, let’s be honest, she has known that for a while, but perhaps thought that I was having a psychotic episode.

“What are you laughing at??  HEY! TAKE OFF YOUR HEADPHONES! What. Are. You. Cackling. About?” she opined.

“This is killing me…there is some really clever stuff here, that I haven’t really listened to,” I replied.

“Let me guess…you are watching Stephen Colbert’s hilarious “Trump -vs – Trump” interview again?” she queried.

“No. It’s the GAME!” (I never have to clarify which game…she knows) “The sound effects for some of the buildings are amazing!!”

“You’re really easily entertained…but, OK, play a few for me,” she challenged.

Not wanting to risk her not hearing them in their full, amazing stereo fidelity, I connected my padular device to the bluetooth receiver and my vintage sound system…and cranked it up.

And then, started meandering through my town…playing the FX that go with each building.

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Bonus Video…The Longest Daycare


Sometimes I need a nudge. I’m old…and I’m like that. 

In this case, it was one of our community, telling me that ROSA appears in “The Longest Daycare,” which at first had me red-faced, because I didn’t know that…and then had me red-faced, because it wasn’t true!

So…I was right about ROSA…she doesn’t appear in any Simpsons episodes that anyone can cite (please prove me wrong…I’d like to think that EA isn’t that lazy). But, it took me searching the web far and wide, and finally stumbling across the short film, “The Longest Daycare” to finally make sense of a TON of things in this update that remind us all, that the youngest among the Simpsons, is the most clever and resourceful.

Ayn Rand plays a big part in this feature short…

But, mostly, it’s all about Maggie.
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Out of the Mouth of Babes…the Kids Are All Right!

What is evident in the Simpsons, and often of the world in general, is that the younger the person, the more they are inclined to wisdom and simple linear reasoning that rises above the claptrap, rhetoric, and insanity of politics and societal malaise.

It is no different in TSTO. Maggie, with her quiet, sucking, observations and actions, amazes us all with her common sense approach to problems. While others must walk (quickly) toward a task, Maggie just grabs a balloon and floats over the landscape calmly (one of my favorite animations).

Maggie has been long awaited. And I have to say, that EA has taken the time and effort to make her arrival (and that of some of her other wiser punkish peer) worth the wait. The dialogue is hilarious. The conundrums they face are as fun as the solutions. It gives you hope for the future…

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The Year that Was…and Shall Be!


I love this time of year. It is a time to look back on what was, look forward to what is coming, and make resolutions and wishes for how things should be…before you break the resolutions, and try it all again next year.

Looking back on 2015, I have to admit, that as much as I am known as a CrankyOldGuy, it was a pretty darn great year!

TSTO…as a franchise…had a couple of stumbles. But, in comparison to 2014, there was a LOAD of improvement in game play, tools, and general fun. Comparing even the worst of 2015 (some of the lame tie-in updates) and a great deal of 2014 (several incarnations of the WHell…until we all revolted), it was a far better year for fun and ROT (Return On Tapping) investments of “Life Currency” (time).

In addition…what started pretty much as an idea to do something nice for some school children in a remote Ugandan village, has now blossomed into a full-blown, ongoing effort to change lives, improve education and the health and well-being of the school and the village of Buyijja.

Let’s take a look back.  Continue reading

New Years Is Upon Us…Out With The Old!!


Hey…wait a minute!  Out with the old? Just because it’s a New Year?  I resemble that remark!!

Yes. My birthday is on New Year’s Day.  Yes. I was one of the first born in the year of 1954.  Yes. That makes me very old, indeed. But, “Out With the Old?”  Heck…from what I hear from my fellow AARPers and Boomers, 62 is the new 60! (We are getting more pragmatic with age).

But, it’s OK. I don’t mind getting old. It certainly beats the alternative. And as long as I stay busy, and continue to make myself valuable to any and all ventures I undertake, you can’t just “throw me out.”  Really. No…really!

I mean, who would take the time to write about the New Year’s Mini-Questline that hit today…called “Out With The Old?”

Homer Starts…and continues…and requires you to care to keep logging in every half hour or so…
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Unto Us a Child…


This time of year, no matter what your chosen religious persuasion may or may not be, you would have to be under a rock, in a remote part of Antarctica (and there are rocks there…starting to poke out of the newly melted ice caps due to global warming) to not know the story of the birth of Christ.

The entire verse, from Isaiah 9:6 reads: For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

So I guess it is no wonder that in a world of conflict, fueled by religious and political differences and ambiguity, that most people kind of forget the Peace part, and choose the government part, and forget entirely the unconditional love and forgiveness part that came along when He was older.

However, when it comes to TSTO…the CHILD that has been long-awaited, is actually going to appear soon, bringing with her a wide assortment of strange quests, and frienemies, that will make us scratch our heads, and laugh.

I do that a lot these days. In a world like this…You have to laugh. Really.

Let’s take a look at what to expect…

Spoilers to Follow…If you don’t want to know, don’t click below!
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Let There Be LIGHT!


I just got done SKYPING with Emma, and he confessed that he has had something on his “wish list” for a while now, but was reluctant to tell me about it, “because you already do so much for the school.”

As it turns out, along with the huge increase in students for the Buyijja School, has come a new problem above and beyond the normal issues with added school supplies and teaching materials.  It seems that a number of children are coming from remote areas to get a chance at hope for a better future. These children, along with a rotation of teachers, have occasionally been spending the night at the school, as there are limited “couch surfing” opportunities in the village.

With no electrical service, generators or other forms of electricity, there are no working lights, or any facility to charge cell phones or digital devices used for communication.  They have resorted to lanterns, which are not safe in the dry African jungle climate.

Emma has sourced a company that will install Solar panels on the school…and is willing to do so in two stages of $1,500 for each stage.  We need to start with a deposit of 1/2 as soon as possible ($750 plus processing fees for the crowdsourcing).

To Boost Interest… I am going to give every person who donates at least $10 a Special Christmas Treat.
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Offering Support for Those Who Offer Hope


As anyone who has started with the spark of an idea, and then watched it burst into light knows, with every success comes new challenges.

In the year that we have been helping our adopted village school in Buyijja, Uganda, we have seen countless successes, with the occasional challenge, and have always risen to overcome obstacles that could derail our long-term plans.

We are facing a new challenge, born almost entirely from the successes we have achieved.  And, it surprised even me…

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A Basic Primer on “Living Wide”

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the good old U.S. of A. It’s a weekend when we are supposed to remember those who have passed from this life, and onto the next frontier.  A weekend when we are supposed to celebrate the memories of those who went before us, and in many cases sacrificed their lives so that we may live a life of freedom.

In some ways, the weekend started early, in that I attended the funeral of the father of one of my best friends from High School.  As we sat in the quiet of the memorial service, I found myself humbled once again by a man who lived an exemplary life, and rarely talked about it. A man who truly understood the meaning of “Living Wide.

A WWII veteran who was in the Intelligence branch of the Army…serving in France, and playing a key role in several critical battles that ultimately brought Germany to a state of surrender. A track star in college on the GI Bill, who just missed running in the Olympics. A man who served in the special Intelligence division of the IRS, bring criminals and gangsters (the old school Mafia type) to justice.  A man who joined the Naval reserves, and attained the rank of Commander, and all while raising three of the most amazing kids you could ever know…all them spread across the globe, serving the needs of the less fortunate.

And I didn’t know any of this, until he was gone.

All I knew of this man, was that he was the consummate cheerleader, and local High School sports fan. He fundraised for countless school projects, was a Boy Scout troop leader, and one of the kindest, unassuming men I have ever known. Great grand-nephew of the naturalist, John Muir, he spent every extra hour of his life traveling, hiking, photographing and archiving his travels to every continent…except for Antarctica…which was on his bucket list, before passing at the seemingly still too early age of just 91.

I came away inspired…and with the feeling that I had somehow lost one of my brethren in “Large Living.”

And of course, with my own life showing bits of wear and tear, I recommitted myself to a life of “Wide Living.” Which made me decide to share what I consider a Primer on How to Live Wide.

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Using Garbage Time to Change Lives…

Here we go again. After back to back to back updates, it would seem that we are in for another period of EALPish garbage time.  Many of us will spend this time to catch up, and do some much-needed remodeling of our towns…trying to make all of the SuperHero and Easter stuff make sense in our Springfields.  I am carving out room as I can for mansions, and headquarters, and the beach house in my virtual world…while keeping in mind, the need for a foot firmly in the REAL world.

As I have been hinting at (strongly), April is the month for “refreshing” and “refurbishing” the things we have started. It’s a month to expand and extend, while celebrating our past.

It is not a time to sit…

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Peace, Hope, and Love… You Give These Gifts!


I admit it…I am REALLY excited about how this came out…because it was a “global effort.”  Much of the video was shot by Emma and his friends, along with video and singing in my wife’s classroom.   When I wrote and recorded the song, it felt special…as if we were reaching across the ocean to say “hello.”

Knowing what we have accomplished, and will continue to accomplish is the greatest excitement of all. All of you in the treasured 1%ers that get it…are so very, very special to me and the children whose lives you are changing.

Happy Easter… We Have Much to Celebrate! 

With Our New Music Video!


10 Keys to Happiness…TSTO Style


I don’t know about you, but I find myself getting lost in tapping of another kind. No…get your minds out of the gutter…not that. I mean tapping the links to “related stories” when I start with something like Google News, or FlipBoard. It’ s so easy to get distracted from the original time-waster in which you were participating, and get sucked into an entirely different stream of time wasting.

Even though we know that time is the most valuable commodity (EA even went so far as to deem it “Life Currency”…oh…wise…EA), it is easy to find ourselves seeking happiness during the cold, dark, crappy, short days of winter.

Well…fear not. Because while I started with a story about Brian Williams being suspended (deserved) and Jon Stewart announcing his retirement from the Daily Show (bummer…but not surprising), I wandered off topic onto “associated links” and made my way through “13 Most Annoying Stars” (turns out Kristen Stewart is a pill), “13 Stars You Wouldn’t Recognize Today” (Meg Ryan’s lips…eeek), and “13 Stars You Didn’t Know Were Banned From SNL” (Come on…give Sinead a break! That Pope was bad!)….until I finally stumbled onto something that made me actually feel happy…ironically called, “10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy,” (which seemed obvious, as it didn’t start with the number 13).

I was surprised by a couple of them…and pleased that I already practice most of them.  But, then I thought…”Hey…I wonder if there is a TSTO slant on these?” (because I am always thinking of you!).

So Here Goes… 10 Keys to TSTO Happiness (with a little help from science).

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Connected at the Pixels…But, are we more?


Last night, something unthinkable, almost earth-shattering, and seemingly devastating  happened.

No…it wasn’t the huge “biggest on record” snow storm to hit the East Coast of the United States. It was bigger!

Facebook and Instagram went offline for almost 3 hours!!!!  O. M. G.

That’s right folks. For almost three hours WORLDWIDE, people couldn’t see what others were eating for dinner, or what each other’s pets were up to, or what we thought this very moment about the deflation of footballs, that either did, or didn’t effect the outcome of the playoff game between New England and Baltimore last weekend.

It was terrifying!!  The boards on “” lit up with people certain that the Chinese, North Koreans, Russians, ISIS, ISIL. et al had finally exacted their revenge on Western Culture.

In the end, it turned out to be a “self-inflicted wound,” caused by Facebook techs, who were uploading a new logic system…and blew stuff up.

Nothing was lost. Every “like” and snarky comment was restored. But, MAN…did it ever make you stop to think about how things have changed in the world in the past decade.

It makes one question the value of a life tinted with the hue of phosphorescent blue faces, looking down into screens, instead of into one another’s faces.

And then…when Facebook was back up again…I all but forgot about my feelings of self worth being questioned…and went back to seeing what my “friends” were up to.

But, this morning…I couldn’t shake the feeling that something has happened in the evolution of the species…
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Sharing Good News During Garbage Time


It’s one of those old stories of “I have some good news, and I have some bad news. Which do you want to hear first?”

Always wanting to get the bad news out of the way, so I can move on to something more interesting and fun, I will start with a couple of facts.

We had an update. It was/is a small episode update. I has very little activity, and a some really odd tie-ins (which makes me want to watch the episode to figure out what’s going on).  The update is going to run until Midnight on January 28th (PST)/8AM GMT. So…that means a REALLY boring weekend, TSTO-wise.


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Thanks To You, The 1%ers…and the Contest Winner(s) Are Announced


As we all finally get to the place in the game, where we can take a breather (Nativity installedZutroy eating cats), I find myself once again marveling at what has happened here over the past year.

Maddy and Ali are home for the holidays, and this morning we SKYPED with our expanded family in Africa.  Emma and Kato (Maddy’s other guardian angel during her internship in Uganda) talked for almost an hour, over a clear, wonderful connection.  All I could do was smile…my heart almost bursting with pride and wonder at how this world has become so interconnected. And, that a disparate group of just over 200 people,  has come together, over a silly game, to change the lives of countless children they have never met.

If we tried to take this story to Hollywood, they would laugh us out of the studio…as it seems completely implausible.

“So…let me get this straight,” the studio weasel would say through a clenched cigar. “You start playing this goofy kid’s game…and start writing about it…and you almost quit a bunch of times, but then your daughter goes to Uganda, and you decide to turn it into a way to raise money for projects to help kids who live in a rural village in the jungle? Man…I think we did something like this with Eddie Murphy…but he was here…and was some king, or something.”

So…maybe the pictures of the big “Thank You” posters with representations of my TSTO character are a bit confusing. I get it. But, it DID happen…and is continuing to happen! And we have huge plans for 2015. But, we have to say THANKS first…to the 1%ers who made it all happen.

And now…I will.

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Why This Site Survives…


In the middle of the week, I had a note from my favorite Troll, a guy from Beverly Hills, no less…who is one of the freaks that writes every once in a while to let me know what losers we are. He changes his ID email all of the time…but, because I can trace route his IP, I know who he is.

Of course…the sheer illiteracy of his posts are self-evident in their ignorance…but they are entertaining nonetheless. Here’s his latest:

From Joey1234: I get you are a cranky old man who lost the little following he and his bye bye former partner once had. Who r u kidding? You really think once tsto is gone you’ll still be here? There’s a reason you don’t show your site hits lol. Cya never to return.

Oh…but that were true. The never to return part. But, it was ironic that it showed up, just before I once again had clear validation as to WHY we’ll still be here…long after TSTO is gone.

This week…we once again, proved that we are WAY different than other TSTO blog sites.
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It’s Time to Redefine the Word, “Hero.”


The world has become a crazy place. The disparity between those who live a life in the rarified air of the upper 1% in income, and those who live in the lowest 1% in income has never been further apart.

Through all of it, the “common man,” those of us who work hard to maintain a semblance of a shrinking middle class, end up passing our time, and seeking entertainment, by deifying “heros” who represent a strata of performers who can do something we can’t.  We love our music, movies, television and sports figures. We typically measure their success by box office receipts, record sales, or net worth (in the case of wall street or tech billionaires).  But in the case of sports, are as likely to make them heroes in our minds, for statistics as inane as Yards After Contact, Yards per Game, or how they boost the stats in your fantasy football league.

By now, almost everyone in the world is aware of the “Very Incredibly Bad” week the NFL has had. Several cases of domestic violence, and a couple of child abuse charges just don’t say much about the caliber of people playing one of our national pastimes.  But the story of Adrian Peterson shook me to the core to such a degree, that I woke up this morning with a fire in my fingers to tell another story.

We need to know REAL heroes when we see them. And as a society…we have lost our way.

Let’s start with how much Adrian Peterson is making WHILE suspended from his “job” of running a football, while avoiding being tackled by other highly paid man-children.  Adrian, the highest paid running back in the NFL, is making close to $700,000… a week. That is not a typo. That is also before all of his endorsement deals. That’s $23,000 dollars a day.

Adrian Peterson is also known for fathering as many as 7 children with as many mothers. Adrian Peterson must love kids. Or making kids. He certainly has a penchent for “guiding” kids.

Now…I am going to introduce you to three REAL heroes, who I would offer, do REAL world-changing work, and earn between all three of them, less than 1/1000th per day combined what Adrian Peterson earns…while saving children.

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TSTO Friends Community: AboutChoo!


Ok so here’s the deal…

We here at TSTOFriends have an AMAZING community of readers, commenters and genuine friends. We laugh, we cry, we yell, we poke fun and celebrate the good times while propping each other up in the bad times. So in some ways it’s more like a family…a big crazy family; but without squabbling over inheritance (who gets rich Uncle Zeke’s gold!?) Before you start thinking this is going to be another sappy, “lets hug” post let me clear things up: it’ll only be like, half that.

We’ve had some pretty cool projects and opportunities for community participation. There are the amazing array of Guest Posts, the always fun Poll Results and Discussions, that fantastic Holiday Writing Contest we had and a smattering of other things in the Community Art and Writing Center. A personal favorite of mine and Patric’s was the TSTO Community World Map and Downloadable Travel-Brochure project.

Now besides all this fun, we often have outstanding ideas come from you, the readers. Whether it’s something for us to write or do or wear or parse…it’s all good fun. Now it’s time for a new twist. Continue reading

TSTO Community World Map and Downloadable Travel-Brochure



This place is amazing…no doubt about it.
When people ask me what makes it so unique and different than other TSTO Blogs/Forums…the answer is easy- THE COMMUNITY.  We continue to be blown away by the interaction, civility, intelligence, and desire to share.

Nothing proves the point better than our Put A Pin In It map experiment. Well…TAKE A LOOK. More than 75 pages (and growing) and close to 37,000 words (and growing) this document is a testament to the power of the Internet and a “Silly Little Game” to cross boundaries, borders and differences- to become a single community.

THE DOWNLOADABLE .PDF Version of our Incredible TSTO Community World Map is done.

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